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"Authenticity is the daily practice

of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be

and embracing who we are."

Brené Brown

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In just 20-30 minutes you can have the TruMotivate profile specifically generated for you.



1-on-1 Session

Work with Tim to understand what TruMotivate says about your career, how to have flourishing relationships and create a path to greater joy.


$100 per 55 minute session


Tim has spoken to thousands over his 25 year career teaching and coaching others. Hear how to design your life around what naturally makes you come alive and how your organization can thrive.


Fees vary based on size of group and number of talks.


Help your team understand how core motivations are fundamental to creating an environment where collaboration is fun and work is personally fulfilling.


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TRUMOTIVATE is an online, self-report assessment of core motivation that identifies the five motivations that represent an individual’s strongest natural drives.


In addition, TRUMOTIVATE provides scores and rankings for all 27 motivational themes.


Although the assessment is self-report and provides quantitative results, it is based on an individual's own achievement stories.


We believe it to be one of the first commercial assessments to accomplish this important breakthrough.

About TruMotivate

60 years of training executives in leading world-class organizations is now available to everyone pursuing clarity in their career choices. 


TRUMOTIVATE reveals why we do

what we do = intrinsic motivations


Other reports:

Talents/Strengths – What skills we use

Personality = How we do what we do

Interests = Where we do what we do

TruMotivate is one of the most important tools that is now available to anyone who wants to discover who they are at the core and how they can apply it to their careers and their lives.


Tim is a dedicated leader who has focused his purpose on continuously serving others...[he] encourages others to understand and develop their unique gifts

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